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Bee Aware

Awareness of our pollinating friends and what we put out into the Universe is key. We need bees. We need each other. Bees and awareness are two things we must have for a lifestyle of love.

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Moon Moods

If you are anything like us, the moon stirs your soul; especially the full moon. Each moon brings new energy to sift through and apply to daily life. Currently, we offer five moons. Which Moon Mood are you?

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Born from Matt’s deep love of hip-hop and keeping a positive outlook on life. He’s lyrically gifted, as you can imagine this line comes from his writings. With the number of notebooks filled with lyrics, there’s bound to be more.

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Idaho & Arizona & LWS

Yup! It’s us, sharing a glass of bourbon and wine together (logo). Our love story started seven years ago with many twists and turns. We are truly each other’s best friends. Lamb Wolf Shack is about creating a lifestyle of love.

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A recent addition to our product lines that we're really excited about. Featuring Idaho, Arizona (coming soon) Posivibes, Bee Aware, Moon Moods and Lamb Wolf Shack stickers. These are great for laptops, water bottles, cars, kayaks and sports equipment, etc.


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Creating a lifestyle of love