About Us

Welcome to Lamb Wolf Shack and thanks for stopping by. We’re Matt and Brandi, the co-conspirators behind our brand. We created our line of apparel out of our own deep values of being and bringing love to as many places as we can. We want to contribute to raising the vibration. When you wear something that makes you feel good and puts good energy out it has a ripple effect that just keeps going. Each line embraces a different passion of ours and we have more in store. We love sharing them with everyoneand hope you love wearing them! All items have been printed in Eagle, ID and artwork has been commissioned by local Treasure Valley artists. The people you see wearing the shirts are all people thatwe know and love; we like to call them “real people models”. Find out more about the people that helped us build our brand by following us on Instagram: @lambwolfshack.

Image Credit: Leslie Rodriguez Photography